RS Taichi

RS Taichi

RS Taichi Leather Suits and Gloves are available by Special Order!

Please email us the Taichi product you are looking for including size and color so we can get you set up.

Follow link below to find your desired Taichi item.

Thank you

Product Pricing:

1-Piece Leather Suits

GP-MAX R072  Leather Suit  $2499.95

GP-MAX R101  Leather Suit  $2299.95 

GP-MAX R073  Leather Suit  $2099.95

GP-MAX R102  Leather Suit  $1999.95

GP-WRX R303  Leather Suit  $1199.95

Leather Racing Gloves ( feature Knox Schapoid Protection )***

GP-EVO Racing Glove  $219.95    ( Personal Favorite of For The )

GP-WRX Racing Glove $169.95     

GP-X Racing Glove       $104.95






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