SPEED ANGLE GPS Lap Timer w Lean Angle

SPEED ANGLE GPS Lap Timer w Lean Angle
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SPEED ANGLE GPS Lap Timer w Lean Angle    

Equipped with aero sensing technology and 10 Hz GPS module, GMOS is a one-of-a-kind data logger developed for motorcycle enthusiasts. It is different from other data loggers in the market in that it captures how YOU perform instead of how the bike performs. It measures and records the 3D motion of your ride, including

lean angles up to R/L 69 degrees,
longitudinal G’s up to +/- 1.5G,
speeds up to 255 MPH (410 KMH),
10 Hz GPS traces, and
lap times down to 1/1000 sec.
These essential data help riders analyze their riding style easily, and provide an efficient way to improve the riding skill. 

Why Lean Angle Measurement Is Essential

“I know G’s and Speed’s are useful, but why lean angle measurement?”, you might ask.

Leaning is what differentiates two-wheel vehicles from four-wheel ones. Unlike cars, Motorcycles lean in order to make a turn. Knowing your speeds and G’s without knowing your lean angles is like missing a piece of the puzzle; something might be missing when you are analyzing your riding skill.



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