Race / Track Tires

Race / Track Tires

Race / Track Tires

Quality Tires are the single most important component for any sportbike.

Find the tire best for you, your riding style and your bike.

For The Track is proud to offer all 4 Major Brands of Race Tires to enable you to make the choice.

If you ride on the track, street tires will not hold up nor give you the best performance or safety.

Once you try a set of track tires you will understand, notice the difference and never go back to a street based tire.

Let's look at it another way: If a street tire has an operating range of say 6" then a Race / Track Tire has an operating range of 3 feet!

Street tires are meant to heat up quickly and be in the range immediately but a Race / Track tire needs a little longer to heat up but has such a wide operating range it can handle extreme conditions. On a hot day a street tire will easily overheat,melt and get slippery. Race / Track tires can cope with the high track temperatures ( easily 130 - 150 degrees F ) and they will just wear while providing grip to keep you upright.

Saving money now by using a street based tire at what cost later? Do not do yourself an injustice! Save the expense of a slip-on or other unnecessay mod and spend this on quality track tires and track time. Two most important things to get faster are quality tires and track time!

Street tires advertised as a "Sport" tire are "Road" based tires. 

Ride Faster yet Safer! Take the step, you will not be disappointed.

All 4 Major Brands of Race / Track tires available trackside. Bridgestone, Michelin and Pirelli also available to ship.

***Carcass differences by Brand:

Stiffest - Dunlop

Stiff - Michelin

then there is a gap

Med/Soft - Bridgestone

Softest - Pirelli

A stiffer carcass provides more direct feedback and feel. You will feel everything from the track itself to how your suspension is working.

A softer carcass acts as an assistant to your suspension. You will notice more movement in your sportbike under braking and acceleration.

In turn this helps to overcome issues with the track such as seams etc.

All brands are excellent but all have their own characteristics and feel. Which is best for you, your riding style and your bike?

Only way to find out is to try the different brands. 

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